Schools Grant Program:

Currently temporarily suspended, HPS’s grant program, started in 2013, is intended to assist teachers in providing students with renewable energy-related projects.

To date, HPS has awarded four Oahu schools a total of $5,468 for energy-related projects. In 2014, Hokulani Elementary School received a grant to explore the application of PV systems and their use in powering LEGO® robotic projects at the school, and King William C. Lunalilo Elementary School used its grant award to participate with the Hokulea and Hikianalia in the first science project on hydroponics.

In 2013, Aiea Elementary School received a grant for a “green engineering” project for fifth graders who built a solar oven out of recycled products using renewable energy, and a second grant went to Aiea High School for an aquaponics project using the PV system installed by HPS.

In 2015, Lahainaluna High School received a grant for $2,450 to learn how to build a solar-powered charging station for portable electronic devices, small appliances such as air-conditioners and refrigerators and pumps for an aquaponic system.



Hawaii Pacific Solar, a Maui-based solar photovoltaic design and installation company, has awarded a $2,450 grant to Lahainaluna High School for its sustainability project.