Hawaii Solar Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

Solar is NOT maintenance free. To ensure that each system is operating at its maximum efficiency, it is important to systematically check on numerous factors and to constantly monitor systems. The point of operations and maintenance is preventive maintenance.

Hawaii Pacific Solar sets the standard for ongoing operations and maintenance of the solar photovoltaic systems it installs, as well as those that others install. Through a standardized protocol, Hawaii Pacific Solar’s qualified technicians and electricians inspect each system following a detailed checklist. This process was created with input from system financiers, owners, and engineers and solar developers with a global presence and perfected in the field at government facilities throughout Hawaii.

Monitoring & Supervision

Through its affiliate Mana Monitoring, Hawaii Pacific Solar tracks performance, issue detection and diagnosis, service dispatch and security monitoring. Through this platform Hawaii Pacific Solar can react to power, voltage and frequency control issues, track predicted and actual power generation and provide energy forecasting. The system provides regular reporting to its customers with daily energy production and percentage actual to predicted, shows service activity and pending status.

Just as important is predictive maintenance. Using trend analysis, the system can track recurring problems thereby allowing Hawaii Pacific Solar to anticipate and address issues that may be systemic.

Warranty Management

Solar PV systems typically come with various warranties that can be difficult to understand. Claims can be tedious and complicated. Under Hawaii Pacific Solar’s Operations and Maintenance program warranty issues can be easily tracked and claims filed.