Queen Liliuokalani Facilities Campus Gets Solar, Storage and EV Charging Stations

(HONOLULU, Dec. 20, 2019) — The Department of Education’s (DOE) Queen Liliuokalani Campus is now being largely powered by renewable energy covering over 55 percent of the electrical load. Hawaii Pacific Solar, a local solar company specializing in commercial projects, recently designed and installed two solar photovoltaic systems with roof top racking and canopy over parking at the Waialae Avenue campus.

Each system is tied to a 210kWh Tesla Powerpak 2 storage component to ensure continuous power and seamless backup to the existing emergency generating systems. The two systems total 290.97 kW (DC) with total energy production estimated at 435,650kWh per year.  This is equivalent to 34,665 gallons of gas or avoided greenhouse gas of 107 tons of landfill waste, or carbon sequestered by 5,094 trees for 10 years.

The systems also include EV charging stations for up to four vehicles that are managed by a web-based app that controls access, availability and power usage.

“This unique installation, a combination of roof and canopy, battery storage and EV charging stations, encompassed various technologies, equipment and installation methods and was designed to maximize the energy production to best meet the needs of this important facility,” said Bob Johnston, Hawaii Pacific Solar’s president and chief executive officer.

About Hawaii Pacific Solar

Hawaii Pacific Solar is a leader in the development, design and installation of solar photovoltaic power solutions for commercial businesses, educational facilities, government, military and utility grade installations. Hawaii Pacific Solar designs and provides financing for both grid-connected photovoltaic and hybrid systems.  www.hawaiipacificsolar.com.