Electric Vehicle
(EV) Charging

EV Charging As more electric vehicles (EVs) are produced and sold, the need for EV charging stations will continue to rise. Homeowners may consider a installing a level 1 or level 2 charging station at their home and local business may consider the benefits of installing level 2 charging stations for their customers, staff, or as an additional revenue stream for public charging. There are many different types or levels of EV charging stations, various plug adapter types, and multiple charging station applications to consider when planning for your needs. HPS will work with you to select the proper charging station equipment for your residential or commercial needs and provide turnkey installation and setup of the service equipment. This may include the recommendation of a PV or PV/battery system to help offset the cost of the EV load.

If you have an existing PV system, we will evaluate the inter-connection program and find the best economic solution for you. Hawaii Pacific Solar is always tracking subsidies and cost sharing programs from Hawaii Energy, a state-funded organization charged with providing incentives for energy efficiency.