HC&D, LLC (Formerly Ameron)

HCD Solar

Case Study

Installer: Hawaii Pacific Solar
Quarry ground mount
420 Canadian Solar 300 watt modules
Schletter ground mount racking
5 SMA STP 20000 TL-US-10 inverters

Maintenance Building rooftop
414 LG 310N1C-G4 310 watt modules
IronRidge racking
5 SMA STP-20000-TL-US-10 inverters

Office ground mount
420 Canadian Solar 300 watt modules
Sunmodo Ballasted ground mount racking
5 SMA STP-20000 TL-US-10 inverters

Our 3-part installation at the HC&D (formerly Ameron) baseyard on Maui included 2 ground mounts at the quarry and office and 1 rooftop system on the maintenance building. Although located above ground, the quarry ground mount location is designated as a mine and under the control of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). In addition to OSHA/HIOSH guidelines for all Hawaii construction sites, HPS was required to follow MSHA’s more rigorous safety requirements for mines.

HPS worked with HC&D’s consultant to prepare and execute all necessary MSHA safety plans, reporting and employee training prior to work beginning. Daily checklists were kept for inspections of tools, wiring, equipment and supplies.

The HC&D sites were completed in September 2018 without any injuries or safety violations.


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May 14, 2018