Energy Efficiency Assessments

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Customized Financial Analysis

Commercial buildings account for 40% of energy consumption in the U.S, and 30 to 50% of that energy is routinely wasted. An energy audit, which can look at everything from smart thermostat data to utility bill history, is the first step to understanding energy consumption and facilitating energy savings or net zero goals.

Hawaii Pacific Solar’s energy audit process is customized for your business and designed to quantify real energy efficiencies for the facilities’ mechanical and electrical systems. Typically, the greatest energy-saving opportunities are efficiency and controls for lighting, central hot water systems, kitchen exhaust and refrigeration, air-conditioning, pool pumps and equipment, and utility rate base analysis.

Hawaii Pacific Solar energy audit process:

  1. Perform energy assessment
  2.  Establish a baseline
  3.  Quantify energy conservations measures
  4. Provide estimated energy savings, eligible Hawaii energy rebates, eligible tax incentives and estimated capital costs