Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO), which includes subsidiary Maui Electric Co, is proposing changes that will affect your costs.

See full story at Maui News, p. A3, July 2 http://bit.ly/1enW2fK

Excerpted from the Maui News:

“The changes, which will not affect current net metering agreements or those currently in the pipeline, include:

“* Crediting at a rate of 23.1 cents per kilowatt hour for all solar energy sent to the grid from future rooftop PV systems by Maui customers. This cost remains higher than the cost for MECO to produce energy for Maui but is lower than the full retail rate.

“* A minimum monthly bill of $25 for future residential PV systems on all islands. Currently, residential customers have a minimum bill of $17 on Oahu, $18 on Maui and $20.50 on Hawaii island.

“Under HECO’s proposal, customers with current net metering agreements and those with valid pending applications will continue under the present program. HECO proposes that any changes would apply only to new PV systems, and only after the PUC makes its final determination on the proposals. Ultimately, the PUC will determine how and when any changes impact customers, HECO said.”