Maui Prep PV Installation
Maui Preparatory Academy in Napili, Maui, is estimated to save more than $450,000 over the 20-year life of the photovoltaic (PV) system recently installed by Hawaii Pacific Solar (HPS). The solar PV project was funded by parents of a Maui Prep student.

“The savings Maui Prep will see with the PV system is just one part of the picture. We also are educating our students about the environment and showing them one example of how we can work together for a more sustainable Hawaii,” explained George Baker, headmaster at Maui Prep.

“We are very pleased to help Maui Prep with its effort to conserve energy and to help students learn about PV as a renewable energy option,” said Bob Johnston, president and CEO of HPS.“

The PV system will prevent 220,223 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere — equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 11,236 gallons of gasoline or from 232 barrels of oil.

As part of HPS’ effort to help students learn about solar energy and PV, HPS gave Maui Prep a flat screen monitor that allows students to do real-time monitoring to see the amount of power being generated and the amount of carbon reduction and energy saving as a result of the solar panels. The monitoring can also be viewed on HPS’ website,

In addition, HPS provided curriculum materials developed by National Energy Education Development Project and information on sun safety.

The installation of the 91.44 kW(DC) derated to 73.15 (AC) system was completed in approximately three weeks and is estimated to produce 126,925 kW hours of electricity per year. The system includes 381 Conergy modules and Enphase 215 inverters. It used the Conergy Sun Top mounting system.