Queen Liliuokalani Facilities Campus

Hawaii Solar

Case Study

Project: Roof and Parking Canopy
Modules: Canadian Solar CS6k305 (954 panels)
Inverters: Fronius (12 units)
Racking: Parking Canopy – RBI
Roof Top: DPW Ballasted System
Installer: Hawaii Pacific Solar (HPS)
Storage: Tesla Powerpak2

HPS designed and installed two solar voltaic systems at the DOE facilities administration campus on Waialae Avenue in Honolulu. The two systems totaling 290.97 kW(DC) were installed with roof top racking by DPW and canopy over parking by RBI. Each system is tied to a 210kWh Tesla Powerpak 2 storage component to ensure continuous power and seamless backup to the existing emergency generating systems for the administration and data centers located on the property. The total expected energy production is estimated at 435,650 kWh per year. The system also includes EV charging stations for up to four vehicles that are managed by a web-based app that controls access, availability and power usage.

This facility includes the Department of Education’s IT and Data Center which is required to be operational 24/7. This necessitated close coordination with the DOE to assure seamless and continuous power to the computer systems. When performing the tie in, HPS arranged for backup generators and had standby electricians available to address any possible system failures.

What made this installation unique was the combination of roof and canopy, battery storage and EV Charging making this a broad renewable energy system encompassing various technologies, equipment and installation methods.


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May 14, 2018